-With APB Even The Best Do Better

"The last APB UNIVERSITY helped us ALL to become better Managers....."

-John B, Manager, Baltimore MD

"While everyone else is looking for the answers, we are working every-up."

-James T, Used Car Sales Manager, Buffalo, NY

"APB UNIVERSITY for managers was Great and every time we come we pick up fresh IDEAS to make MORE..."

-M.P, Sales Manager, Beachwood, OH

"I can now see everything I have tryed to do over my 25 years in this business and you have put it in a real world order for me to follow THANK YOU"

-Dan, Lexus Salesperson, FL

"I have asked over and over. Why does everyone want to change what works. It`s simple and makes us more money."

-Jack M. Jacksonville, FL

"Attending the APB UNIVERSITY was worth at least $10,000 gross to my dealership this month."

-R.T, Sales Manager, Tampa, FL

"Definite value in attending....would return in a heartbeat and send all Managers."

-M.W, Dealer, Augusta, GA

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