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"The last APB UNIVERSITY helped us ALL to become better Managers..."
John B. Manager, Baltimore MD
"While everyone else is looking for the answers, we are working every-up."
James T. Used Car Sales Manager, Buffalo, NY
"APB UNIVERSITY for managers was Great and every time we come we pick up fresh IDEAS to make MORE..."
M.P. Sales Manager, Beachwood, OH
"I can now see everything I have tried to do over my 25 years in this business and you have put it in a real world order for me to follow, THANK YOU!"
Dan Lexus Salesperson, FL
"I have asked over and over. Why does everyone want to change what works. It's simple and makes us more money."
Jack M. Jacksonville, FL
"Attending the APB UNIVERSITY was worth at least $10,000 gross to my dealership this month."
R.T. Sales Manager, Tampa, FL
"Definite value in attending....would return in a heartbeat and send all Managers."
M.W. Dealer, Augusta, GA
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