-Train Sales People & Managers
-Unique Training Materials
-Supportive Dealer & Management Materials

As an APB client, even the best do better. You can benefit from APB’s experience and reputation for results. Wherever you stand in the marketplace, there’s always room for improvement!

Increase Sales and Profits
  • Learn how to be proactive in changing economic conditions by becoming better prepared through the APB process
  • Deliver a higher percentage of prospects because your salespeople are better prepared
  • Train your sales force to prospect to create additional floor traffic so you can reduce expensive advertising
  • Create prospects and customers who buy from you not on price but because of the “Red Carpet Treatment” your dealership gives them
  • Train yours sales force to handle every current opportunity on the showroom floor
  • Maintain your performance levels – even in a down economy – using the APB process and structure to work every opportunity
Train and Educate Salespeople and Managers
  • Train and educate your salespeople and managers to follow-up and pursue sales until the vehicle is delivered
  • Use a consumer-oriented and professional approach that doesn’t need high-pressure sales tactics for success
  • Instill the principle of the “Red Carpet Treatment” throughout the sales organization
  • Pinpoint and correct trainee’s selling problems
  • Benefit from APB’s unique training materials and on-going support
  • Reinforce the implementation and provide training for management and salespeople through APB’s on-going workshops and seminars
Manage Your Entire Sales Operation
  • Learn how you can best manage your sales managers and your sales managers can best supervise their salespeople
  • Develop an effective, step-by-step game plan so everyone knows what he or she should be doing
  • Track and analyze data that monitor progress and performance through every step of the selling process
  • Promote managers from within your existing staff because their skills and performance will continue to improve with on-going training and education

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