-Increase In Customer Satisfaction
-Higher Customer Retention After Warranty Period
-Increase In Flat Rate Hour Sales Per Repair Order

The number of customers you retain after the warranty period is the true determination of the success of your service operation. APB helps you achieve greater profitability by building long-term business relationships that develop loyal, repeat customers.

Increase Profits
  • Increase the percentage of customers retained after warranty and customer-pay repairs in relationship to warranty and internal repairs
  • Increase flat rate hour sales per repair order and customer labor and parts sales per repair order
  • Implement a pricing procedure with proper ratios of costs and profits
Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Improve customer retention with proven consumer-oriented techniques
  • Increase your CSI rating
  • Improve customer handling and scheduling and dispatching
  • Learn how to deal with problem customers
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of your service department daily
Create and Maintain a Professional Service Department
  • Train and implement procedures for managers, service advisors, dispatchers, parts personnel, and cashiers
  • Develop a staff that works as an integral unit, still allowing for an individual’s own pace and style
  • Create a process for customer handling, scheduling and dispatching, and pricing that includes proper ratio of costs and profits
  • Solve problems based on facts rather than random diagnosis
  • Continue to improve as APB delivers new ideas and techniques
Hire and Retain Superior Service Personnel
  • Train your staff easily with APB’s built-in controls
  • Use APB’s procedures and sample advertisements for improved personnel hiring
  • Save time and costs with in-dealership training
  • Take advantage of APB’s on-going results monitoring
  • Create a professional staff with APB’s preparation, training, and retraining
  • Develop furture management from your current service staff

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