Automotive Profit Builders

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Training your personnel to maximize profits in a changing market

APB is in the business of helping automobile dealerships sell more vehicles and make more money by combining sound, fundamental concepts of selling and servicing automobiles with real world techniques in tune with today's market.

Founded in 1968, APB is a Boston-based management consulting and training firm for sales and Service Departments of automotive dealerships throughout North and South America. The company provides a proven process of training, on-going refresher courses, a teleconsulting support system, and data collection and analysis to provide Managers, Salespeople, and Service Managers and Advisors with a structured plan for continual improvement.

APB's selling approach provides the selling skills, techniques, and direction that allow the salesperson to involve and express his or her own style. The APB approach is not a system in the traditional sense that forces sales people into non-thinking roles. Rather it liberates them to excel and to develop their individual talents and skills to be low maintenance.

The use of Sales and Service Performance Data enables both salespeople and managers to know at every moment what actions are working and what actions need to be corrected. Logs provide the dealer with current status reports that allow him or her to know with certainty how the team is performing. From these reports as well as ongoing training, they can develop specific game plans to improve the dealership's performance.