In 1968 George Libin discovered a secret: No automobile dealership promotion can be effective unless the salespeople give every person who walks through the door the "Red Carpet Treatment". In fact, he founded Automotive Profit Builders, also known as APB, to help automotive dealers sell more cars and make more money. When George was working in marketing, he put together a promotion for one of his clients that he thought was effective in developing floor traffic. The client, unfortunately, did not - he had hardly sold a car! George was so confident that the promotion was a good one that he offered to run another at no cost, as long as he could interview the customers and prospects as they left the dealership. What he found was nearly all the people who had come in to the dealership had been upset in one way or another by the way they were treated. It was shortly after that experience that he decided to create an innovative selling approach for automotive dealers. But he knew that it had to involve more than simply how to handle price objections and the product presentation. While these things are important, he felt a more comprehensive process would make a significant difference in the results - and no one else seemed to be doing it. So he created a selling and service approach that helps automobile dealers become more profitable - earning profits far in excess of their competitors. He founded APB with the goal of bringing all its dealership clients to their full potential. From 1968 when George established APB to today as his son, Richard, continues the family tradition, APB works to improve their methods. Focusing on the question "Where is the market going to be?" APB is constantly watching and listening to the market, adjusting its approach to help dealers realize the greatest possible gains. In times of immense change, adapting successfully is a challenge that APB will continue to meet, helping its clients reach greater and greater success.


In today's market place training must be an investment not an expense. No longer can a dealer capture a good share of the market simply by having a quality product. Dealers need to find ways to separate their operations from their competition. Good service and properly trained people certainly are on the top of anybody's list of ways to get that done. APB takes a customer centered approach, realizing that it is the customer's perception that must rank high in any successful and enduring Sales and Service approach. Just as important is the collection of meaningful data that provides the basis for analysis and interpretation for any improvement plan. The "Red Carpet Treatment" or treating the customer right must always be the basis for the Sales and Service process. When sales and customer satisfaction go down, it is often because the dealership tried something new and forgot the basics. APB's process helps dealerships keep to the fundamentals and establishes measurements to identify ways to improve. APB is also designed for the leaders of a dealership, those that have learned the importance of providing the resources needed to get the job done. They choose to concentrate on becoming all that they can be - not on trying to beat their competition. They must become personally involved and demonstrate the value in ways that their people can understand.

The Tradition Continues

Richard F. Libin, President of APB, continues his father's mission to ensure that his dealer clients' management and dealership staffs keep pace with today's more sophisticated and demanding customers while retaining high customer satisfaction and maximum gross profit in every department. Mr. Libin has taken a leadership position in adapting new technologies for improved Sales and Service performance within automotive dealerships since he joined APB in 1980 as a Management Consultant. He has worked closely with dealers using a hands-on, in-dealership approach and is responsible for developing more effective Management and Sales Teams to achieve predetermined objectives. Prior to joining APB Mr. Libin was affiliated with one of the largest New England Auto Auctions, a Chevrolet dealership in the Boston area, and also managed independent Towing, Repair and Body businesses. Dealing on a day-to-day basis with both wholesale and retail customers gave him a solid foundation and understanding of the internal chemistry of both the Service and Sales Departments of a dealership.