Custom built solutions designed to increase customer retention.


Increase Profits

  • Increase the percentage of customers retain after warranty and the number of customer-pay repairs in relationship to warranty and internal repairs
  • Increase flat rate hour sales per repair order and customer labor and parts sales per repair order
  • Implement a pricing procedure with proper ratios of costs and profits

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

  • Improve customer retention with proven consumer-oriented techniques
  • Increase your CSI rating
  • Improve customer handling, scheduling and dispatching
  • Learn how to deal with problem customers
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of your service department daily

Create and Maintain a Professional Service Department

  • Train and implement procedures for managers, service advisors, dispatchers, parts personnel, and cashiers
  • Develop a staff that works as an integral unit, embracing each individual's own pace and style
  • Create a process for customer handling, scheduling and dispatching, and pricing that includes proper ratio of costs and profits
  • Solve problems based on facts rather than random diagnosis
  • Continue to improve as APB delivers new ideas and techniques

Hire and Retain Superior Service Personnel

  • Train your staff easily with APB's built-in controls
  • Use APB's procedures and sample advertisements for improved personnel hiring
  • Save time and costs with on-site training
  • Take advantage of APB's on-going results monitoring
  • Create a professional staff with APB's preparation, training, and retraining
  • Develop future management from your current service staff